“Congratulations! Your little girl is getting married…” is a phrase most greeted to mothers of all brides. Just as everyone in the family is busy planning and prepping for the wedding from the day the bride announces the wedding date; the mother of the bride would play her role as a listener, complimenter, a source of support for her daughter and at the same time gradually adjust her emotion on letting go of her daughter. Letting go is never easy, let alone to be parted miles away. Yet Diyanah’s mother is letting it go gracefully and all she ever wish for is Deee (Diyanah) to be happy.

Diyanah and Kasim is like soul mate to one another. Seeing them is like seeing a ten-year-old couple; whereby they understand each other without the need to voice it out. And you could tell they are immensely in love by the way they look at each other. Diyanah is no doubt the apple of his eyes. We are blessed to be a part of both walima and bersanding reception celebrations in London and Kuala Lumpur. Together let us embrace love like our beautiful humble couple Kassideee (short for Kas and Dee) who never stop showering loves and cares to families and friends; as noticed in the video, their friends travelled from far and near to celebrate life with them. Let us rejoice and relive their wedding moments on this beautiful midweek Tuesday!

#kassideee #londonwedding #pakistaniwedding #bersanding #majlis #asianwedding #malaysiawedding #walima

{ KASIM + DIYANAH } From London to Kuala Lumpur \\ Walima Reception & Bersanding Reception from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

[ Mayur + Juhi • A Fairy-Tale Wedding ]

Destination:  Westin Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia

Every couple has a story. Our beautiful gorgeous couple Juhi and Mayur has a beautiful heart story of their own. Love is the language that every heart speaks. You know you are in love,when you see the world in her eyes,and her eyes everywhere in the world.And it is this love that brings two beautiful souls,Juhi and Mayur to walk down the aisle.Eyes to eyes, hand in hand,and side by side; ”Next to you” is where they want to be.

Their love is such affectionate that brings comfort to people around them.Theirs was such a fun and loving wedding festive that spanned over three days in July;and some might term it a luxe wedding.It is the type of luxe wedding that would not go unnoticed;every theme event was carefully planned by Mr. Innayat from minute details to the big picture,the amount of entertainers and performers engaged,the number of elements specially designed and developed for each events,the grand decor for each event that got the guests awe-strucked upon entrance,to name a few and the list just goes on.

And on top of all, it is the generosity, caring, thoughtful and kind hospitality of both Menghani and Sajnani families who perfected the entire week long wedding celebration.

The Doodles would like to shout a big “Thank You” to both sides’ families, the Menghanis and Sajnanis for the great hospitality, and thank you Juhi and Mayur for having the Doodles to be a part of your wedding celebration. It was great pleasure and fun working with both of you, your families, and your wedding team especially Mr. Innayat and team! Finally, wishing Juhi and Mayur a blissful, happy and blessed marriage life, and may you always remember the love you feel today, enjoy your time and grow old and happy together. :)

Let us cheers for the wonderful couple as we unveil their wedding highlight video here! Enjoy!! :D

Wedding Planner & Decor : InnazCommunique and team

{ MAYUR + JUHI } Indian Wedding Cinematic Highlight | Westin Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

It does not matter if one finds love through love at first sight, long term friendship or arranged marriage; we could not really set a definition for love as love exists almost when we least expect it to take place. And the same with our lovely couple, Hiro who is from Lagos, Nigeria and Vrinda who is from Mumbai; both from different continent, thousand miles apart who found love through arranged marriage. What we adore about this couple is that they are both superbly humble, kind, loving and giving. And that despite only having known each other for less than a year, their bond and love to one another is not any lesser than a 3-year-old couple. As we chatted with Vrinda, she excitedly expressed that with Hiro’s presence, she now has no fear of living in Lagos as she can’t wait to start their journey together in the city where he came from. On top of that, she said that she has made many random decisions in the past and that she has never been so certain of her decision as this particular one — choosing to marry Hiro is the best decision that she has ever made and that she is confident about it!!! Words could not express how happy we are for our dearest Hiro and Vrinda. Wishing our newly-weds a blissful and blessed marriage with a lifetime of happiness together! Let us rejoice many of their wedding moments in this wedding highlight…

xoxo,Doodle Studio team


Destination: Houston, Texas USA

” Your Love is the Greatest “

After all the email conversations with our lovely couple – Hunain and Anisha for over nine months, finally their big day has arrived. We finally met them for the first time; get to know more about them and their love journey as we go along. It is always a challenge to work with new couple on every assignment especially when we do not get to meet them prior before. With their warmth hospitality and accommodativeness, we hardly feel the pressure and it is fairly easy to get the shots done.

Hunain and Anisha first met eyes in their sixteen. And nine years after today, they are finally tying the knot and bringing their relationship into a greater height. They both make a perfect match and an inspiring couple to the rest; for they are as immensely crazily in love with each other (as if they are in their first year of dating) even after nine long years of dating. They would never run out of passion for one another and still keep up with the surprises.

They had a fun three days wedding celebration in Sugar Land, Houston which began with their Pithi ceremony. It was such a warming moment where all their relatives and close friends rub on some turmeric onto their face, hands and feet as a gesture of blessing the groom-to-be or bride-to-be. Well, Anisha’s relatives were fairly easy going on her; however Hunain on the other hand, did not get the same treatment. We have seen and documented many Pithi events which ended up rather rough and dirty on the groom, but this is uber insane and by far our chart topper of “Legendary Pithi”!!! Hunain’s besties have prepared dozens of eggs, flours, sodas, mustards and ketchups to spill onto him… and in order for us to film within the “danger” zone, we are compulsory to gear up with rain coats. We feel so bad for Hunain but i guess this is part of the “getting married” deal amongst his peers. As somebody joked, it will be your turn next! What goes around comes around… Yeah, i have gotta agree with this, they will get a dose of this when the time comes. ;)

It was a great fun covering their wedding in the beautiful suburb of Sugar Land. We would like to extend our thank you to both the families and friends for being accommodative and giving all throughout the shoots. Lastly the entire Doodle team wishes Hunain and Anisha a life long of endless happiness together and have a blessed marriage! Thank you for having the Doodle to be a part of your wedding celebration; and a great honor to be given this opportunity to witness your marriage in the mosque.

xoxo,from Doodle team!


It was a hot week in Chennai but that did not hinder the wedding celebrations here for Abhay and Tejshree. Tejshree and Abhay have the sweetest smiles and it is hard to not feel the warmth around them. It was nice to be a part of their wedding celebration and thank you both for everything. Wishing you both a blissful married life! :)

xoxo, the Doodles!! <3

{ ABHAY + TEJSHREE } Indian Wedding Highlight Video | Taj Connemara Hotel, Chennai India from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

We have heard many speeches by the brides in the past, and hardly any sticks in our minds but Laavanya’s. Not frequent to come by brides who crack out reality jokes like she does. Her outgoing and honest personalities just seem to be the exact opposite of Dheepan, who is introvert and quiet. And amazingly that does not stop the sparks in them. It warms our hearts when she says ” I can’t wait to get fat and old with you, watching tv shows, eating takeaway, and not saying a word to each other, that’s how we roll, baby.. ” That is just so sweet and true.

Thank you for having the Doodles to film your wedding and we are glad to be a part of your wedding celebration. Together we wish Laavanya and Dheepan a lifetime of blissful marriage!

xoxo,Doodle Studio team

{ DHEEPAN + LAAVANYA } SRI-LANKAN WEDDING IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

The year 2014 kicks off with a big bang surprise to the Doodles! After having won two international awards in the last quarter of 2013 —  the wedding documentary titled “From Now On” was awarded the Best Cinematography Award in the Delhi Shorts International Film Festival whereas the wedding documentary titled “The Welding Story” has won the Best Editing Award in the Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival — we are just as thrill to learn that we have just won another Best Cinematography Award for our wedding short film “The Fullness” and Best Editing Award for our latest short film “Mr. & Mrs. Gatsby” in the recent Noida International Film Festival held at Noida, India on 9th February 2014.

It is with great honor to have our work being acknowledged and recognized by the film industry experts in India and to be competing against many other international film makers in these film festivals. Words could not express our gratitude and blessings towards our team members for their continuous supports, all the hardwork that they contribute for the past six years, and keep having faith yet growing together through thick and thin with us.

Without much ado, let us share with you the international award-winning wedding films again in case you have not seen it. Do let them load fully and have your speakers blast out loud to feel the love.

(i) Noida International Film Festival – Best Editing Award

INDIAN {Sindhi} WEDDING VIDEO, BANGKOK THAILAND | RAJIV + VICKI | The Grand Wedding of the Year from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.


(ii) Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival – Best Editing Award

INDIAN WEDDING HIGHLIGHT, INDIA 2013 | NIKHIL + SHILPA ” The WELDING Story ” | GRAND HYATT GOA from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.


(iii) Delhi Shorts International Film Festival – Best Cinematography Award

AMESHA + DARSHANA | A SYDNEY Sri-Lankan Wedding | A Perfect Spring Wedding from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.


(iv) Noida International Film Festival – Best Cinematography Award

SHERINA + JAY : “One day, we’re gonna get married… one day” | Sindhi Wedding | Destination Wedding at Taj Palace Marrakech from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

Tonight, let us take you to the other side of the world — Sydney, Australia
After having presented the Tanzania (Africa) wedding about two weeks back.
It was the first day of Spring in Sydney
with a lovely sunny weather
to start off the big day
for our beautiful sweet bride, Amesha
who grew up in Sydney
and the ever polite Mr. nice groom, Darshana
who lives in Los Angeles

The wedding couple was blessed
by many wonderful relatives and friends
who traveled from near and far
to be apart of their wedding celebration
Though it was a one day wedding
it was a tons of fun-filled endless celebration
Their wedding reception took place at Taronga Centre
one of the perfect reception venues in Sydney
with a breath taking Sydney Harbour backdrop and views
that makes the entire experience an unforgettable ones

To make the evening more meaningful and memorable
their bridesmaids and best men
shared some funny and sentimental moments
that they had with the couple
and had the laughters and tears filled the room

Tonight, we will just get high
and soak into the fun and love
of this perfectly planned Sri Lankan wedding
for the newly-wed couple, Amesha and Darshana


AMESHA + DARSHANA | A SYDNEY Sri-Lankan Wedding | A Perfect Spring Wedding from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

After having shot our first Africa wedding at the mysterious country Morocco in North Africa this June, now we are back here in East Africa Tanzania for a local Indian wedding experience. It was a fun-tastic three days wedding celebration for Sachi and Vishal in the city where Sachi live in, Dar Es Salaam. It was undoubtedly the best time of the year to get married in Dar; the weather was just nice, slight chilly in the morning and evening yet not too hot during the day, and Dar is certainly the great place to get hitched; the beach is beautiful and it makes just the ideal place for weddings and receptions. Just like our beautiful couple, Sachi and Vishal who have opted to have the sangeet ceremony at Hyatt Regency Dar Es Salaam, traditional Guju wedding at a local temple, and wedding reception by the beach at White Sands Resort on the last day of their wedding celebration. The bonus was we were shooting the wedding with our good friend photographer from India, Sephi Bergerson. This made the journey extra fun!

Though it was our first time shooting in Dar, we never felt like strangers there. The local Tanzanian people are generally warm and nice. And we felt the hospitable and generosity from the family all throughout the shoots. They would always come up to us and ask us to have lunch or dinner; to ensure we are well fed. Even our couple Sachi and Vishal would ensure that everything is fine at our end, and if it wasn’t, they would go the extra miles to ensure we all had a comfortable and stress-free stay. It was truly stress-free and a enjoyable wedding altogether. Though it was different from the weddings that we normally shoot, it was one of our favorites. Vishal and Sachi are both mature, nice, kind-hearted and genuine people; and they are the perfect match for one another. One can see them constantly focusing on each other, ensuring that everything is going to be alright; the look fills with comfort, love, passion, and care to affirm one’s comfort level without having to say a word. Above all, it was a much enjoyable Africa wedding! Would love to be back again for more Africa weddings!

On the side note: We would like to express our heartfelt thank you to several people especially Aunt Vanita and husband who has been arranging the transportations for us and ensuring everything is fine at our end, Sachi’s dad for the coffees, and Sachi and Vishal family for everything.

Without much delay, let us present the Tanzania Gujarati wedding of Vishal + Sachi : The Perfect Match

Wedding Photography : Sephi Bergerson of FotoWala



The best love ever is to be fallen in love with your best friend, and to know that he or she would accept all the strengths and weaknesses in you with true hearts.

This is the true love that our beautiful best friend couple, Kapish and Sanika has for one another. Let us unfold the love journey of Kapish and Sanika wedding at Grand Hyatt Goa in the next video. Tune up your speakers and enjoy the atmosphere.


A beautiful love marriage, indeed.

When one asks “how was the wedding shoot in United States?”, the first respond that comes to mind is “would be good if we’d feel again the entire experience.” It was our first trip to U.S., first wedding filming in States, along with many other unexpected beautiful encounters. San Francisco has not fail to impress and surprise us, albeit having globe-trotted many cities across the world for the past  four years. The feelings that we had accumulated across 10 days in San Francisco were immense and indescribable. And if only…

If only we could turn back time to “feel again”...

To feel again the homey feeling that we had as we touched ground at San Francisco Airport…

To feel again the joy and excitement that we had as we saw the scenic San Francisco sunset skyline from the Treasure Island…

To feel again the wintery weather during the summer time…

To feel again the jaw-dropping moment as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge unfold before us as we drove closer…

To feel again the familiar tram sound that surrounds the calm and peace city…

To feel again the unexpected delightful and unbelievable feelings as we saw how gorgeous and beautiful our bride is…and to discover later that she was the Miss India Global 2010…

To feel again the fun moment in shooting their love story; absolute cooperative and natural couple…

To feel again the true love that Shweta has for him; and the unconditional love that Apurva has for her…

To feel again the emotional moments as they both unfold their love story with us… the story that touched our hearts; the sincere nice gentleman who crashed her birthday party has turned out to be the ideal best friend, lover and soul-mate for her…

To feel again the love affection in them as their hearts are always closely attached to one another, albeit not physically together, they are always on the phone updating one another…

To feel again the contagious love that they spread all across the room… Shweta is such a loving and caring girl who takes good care of everyone around her; and Apurva has never fail to do his best to keep everyone comfy and well taken care of…

To feel again the warmth and homey feel of having to be around them and their families throughout the wedding celebrations…

To feel again the blessings and loves that Apurva and Shweta received from their loving families and friends…

To feel again the standing ovation for the awesome skit and dance performances by their friends and families, the sentimental and funny speeches on the reception night, and the beautifully-choreographed dance performance by Apurva and Shweta…

To feel again the fun-filled, emotion-filled, merrily-filled, and love-filled wedding celebration…

Together let us roll the video and have a feel of the love celebration as the former Miss India Global, Shweta Teckchandani tied the knot with the love of her life, Apurva Shah in Bay Area, California this June 2013. Let’s spread the love!!!

APURVA + SHWETA: “Feel Again” | San Francisco Bay Area, USA | Gujarati and Sindhi Wedding from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

Goa is not an unfamiliar destination to us, let alone Grand Hyatt Goa. Having to come to Goa for wedding in the month of July is a totally different experience as compared to other months of the year. Quite a challenge to us as Goa has been raining for the past week prior to our arrival. And it has been raining like cats and dogs all through out the 3 days wedding festivity. Having that said, this is the first time we shot an indoor wedding in Goa.

Fortunately we have a very cooperative and spontaneous couple, Karan and Simran who would give all out in order to have a unique outcome with the video. They did not let the monsoon rain stop them from having the bestest celebration in their lives…not even one minute nor one second of it. Having that said, the challenge and the rain have just benefited us perfectly. Since they were all out for the shoot, we proposed them to make benefit of the monsoon rain and have them play in the rain and more-so in the pool… and there was no hesitation at all!! It may sound like a crazy idea as they could catch a cold thereafter but nothing could stop our “monsoon love” couple. Both Karan and Simran were happily enjoying the moments in the rain; definitely loving the monsoon themselves!

With only 5% of their guests are from India, this is an absolute global wedding as the rest of the wedding guests traveled from all across the world; namely Nigeria (where both families were originally from), Spain, London, United States, Canada and Malaysia just to name a few, to partake the week-long wedding celebration. Mr. Haresh Keswani (Karan’s father) even had several VVIP guests from Nigeria — including the former Prime Minister of Nigeria and his wife — to be apart of the wedding festivity. The wedding was a sensational blast and every guests danced, partied and boost to the fullest; not until the bar counter ran out of liquor or the DJ stopped playing!

Events conceptualized and executed by : Krayonz Entertainment & Wedding Planner

KARAN + SIMRAN ” THE MONSOON LOVE ” | SINDHI WEDDING | GRAND HYATT GOA, INDIA from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

A confident groom. A gorgeous bride. A mysteriously charming destination. The perfect wedding.

After having filmed so many beautiful couples’ weddings in the past five years, and having listened to them unfold and share their love stories, we have never came across a groom who was so confident to say that he was going to marry that girl when he first laid eyes on her. Well, Jay is the first one. He knew Sherina was going to be the one for him when he first laid eyes on her. He was courageously confident to say this to Sherina “one day, we’re gonna get married… one day” in their introduction conversation. And what do you know; Sherina thought he was way too arrogant and did not have a lasting first impression on him; but it was fate that brought them there that very night but little did she knew that the love cupid has had a love arrow on both of them. It feels as though we are reading a fairy tale story as they share their story to us. I still find it a little bizarre that what Jay said has became true. And they got hitched in the most mystical kingdom on earth, Morocco at the luxurious Taj Palace Marrakech which has a vivid blend of Moroccan and exotic Indian architecture themes.

It was a wonderful three days celebration of Sherina and Jay’s destination wedding at Taj Palace Marrakech; a wedding full of love, fun and emotion despite the summer heat. It was a great experience for the London based couple and their guests who flew in from London, Spain, Morocco and Malaysia to attend their wedding.They have arranged a white camel for the groom and the local Moroccan band at the Baraat procession; the entrance of the bride and groom at Sangeet night in Moroccan style, and had the Moroccan henna artist who uses syringe to apply henna art on the bride and all ladies. Absolute an eye opening to see the henna artist drew effortlessly with the syringe to create beautiful and fine henna design for the bride, Sherina. Enjoy our latest highlight collection, presenting Sherina and Jay in Celebrating Love at Marrakech.

Photographer: John Alexander
Wedding Hotel: Taj Palace Marrakech, Morocco
Bride’s Wedding Dress: Manish Malhotra


SHERINA + JAY : “One day, we’re gonna get married… one day” | Sindhi Wedding | Destination Wedding at Taj Palace Marrakech from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Amrit comes to the rescue.

We all have heard stories about couples who found their soul mates at a friend’s wedding. And this is literally the scenario with our gorgeous couple from Dubai, Amrit and Sneha, but theirs is so magical and destined that it sounded so much like the love story in those Hollywood movies. They have quite an interesting love story. Definitely not the ordinary ones.

Amrit and Sneha make the acquaintance through Facebook when Amrit initiated to add Sneha to his friends list after knowing she is Rashmi’s (Rashmi who is Sneha brother fiancé then) soon-to-be sister-in-law. And no one had expected that their acquaintance would blossom into something called “love”, until they laid eyes again on Kunal (Sneha brother) and Rashmi (Amrit cousin sister) wedding. It was when they both danced together in the skit performance and that was how they fell in love with one another. It is as though we are watching a love story from the Bollywood movies… A brother wedding has match-made his sister’s love destiny. And here we are at the beautiful resort — Shangri-La Mactan Resort in Cebu, Philippines for their 3 days wedding celebration.

Amrit and Sneha has the most entertaining entrance at the Pirates of the Caribbean Youngster Party. They had everyone in awe and WOW!!! First, they arrived in a speed boat at the pier, and then Captain Amrit had to fight and defeat all the pirates in order to save his Princess… It was a great play and what a bizarre way to make an entrance! Definitely one of the best!

It was great and fun filming the wedding; we have a nice, kind-hearted, gorgeous and cooperative couple to work with and yet this is our second shoot with them (first shoot was their Love Story video that was filmed in Dubai), great families to work with — the Adnani and Bhagnari families, and great seeing our very third Sindhi wedding couple — Kunal and Rashmi (whose wedding where Sneha & Amrit fell in love) — after filming theirs back in March 2011, great to work with the famous make-up artist from Mumbai — Ojas — whom we have worked together in few weddings in the past, and to meet and work with Rimjhim (the Dubai based wedding planner) again after two years. The couple has sought for all the best vendors in the indian wedding industry, from wedding planner to bartenders, make-up artist, photographer and cinematography team. Truly a great experience, again!

Last but not least, we ought to thank the Adnani and Bhagnari families for the generous and kind hospitality, and for having us to be apart of their big celebration. We had a wonderful shooting the newlywed and the close families and friends. Congrats again to Sneha and Amrit, and we love you both! We had a great time filming your concept love story in Dubai and your wedding in Cebu. Thank you for being you — the wonderful couple.

And this is our closure for the 2012 / 2013 wedding season. The entire 2012/2013 peak wedding season has been awesome with many great fat and fun indian weddings from India to Philippines, Thailand and finally to United Arab Emirates; celebrating many wonderful weddings with awesome couples, seeing all the familiar faces of our past wedding couples and their families, all the great wedding vendors, visited many great wedding destinations and a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful Doodle team mates (Lester, Eddie, Look, King, Bee, Frankie and Nick). Certainly it is just the beginning of year 2013, and we are going to have lots more cool weddings at great places coming up later this year!

Lots of Love & Blessings,

The Doodles!!!


A sweet simple couple.

When it comes to wedding celebration, most couple would plan for a full extensive week long celebration but our couple Mayank and Pooja has opted for a more intimate and simple celebration with their families and friends. It is nice to be apart of their wedding and feel the purest of love bond between them and their families and friends.

We would like to congratulate Mayank and Pooja and wish them both a happy honeymoon and a happy married life. Thank you for having us there and it was an honor to be apart of your big day.

Without much ado, let us present to you Mayank + Pooja Wedding Highlight video. Enjoy!!

Best wishes,
Doodle Studio team

MAYANK + POOJA GUJARATI WEDDING HIGHLIGHT | MUMBAI, INDIA from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

Another wedding in Goa. This is another destination wedding whereby the bride (Monica)’s families traveled from Spain and the groom (Shashank)’s families travelled from Rajasthan to Park Hyatt Goa to celebrate their wedding festivity. Having a great with the couple with their pre-nuptial shoot. Monica have the most wonderful smile and definitely while Shashank is around she is like a fairy angel to him. And they have their Pheras on the lawn by the beach with a beautiful sunset blessing the couple.

Congratulations to the Lalwani and Chahar families from the Doodles and wish Shashank and Monica a happy marriage life. Without much ado, let’s enjoy the wedding highlight of the beautiful couple. Cheer!

Shashank & Monica Hindu Wedding \\ Park Hyatt Goa from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

Massive and heaps of “Masti”!!!

If we were to use two words to describe Sahil and Rushika wedding, the most ideal words would be massive and “masti”, and in fact, it is heaps and tonnes of “masti”!!! This is the most massive destination wedding that we have ever shot thus far. Both Sahil and Rushika has taken up both Dusit Thani and Sheraton resorts in Hua Hin for the celebration that spanned over 3 days with over 800 guests who traveled across the globe to be apart of their nuptial festivity.

The 3 days festivity was full of “masti”, “masti” and nothing but “masti”! All the guests had the craziest fun in the wedding; everyone was dancing to the “Oppa Gangnam Style” all throughout, we had the biggest “baraat” crowd ever, and the greatest fun one could get at a pool party! It was simply a grand and fun celebration. The events were decorated according to the theme, with elaborate attention to details and elements. [Wedding Planner & Organizer: Gems Wedding Planner]

It has been a much awaited wedding highlight.. Doodle Studio proudly presents Sahil + Rushika Next-Day-Edit wedding highlight that was premiered for the first time at Plaza Athenee, Bangkok.

Congratulations to the happily married couple and we would like to thank Sahil and Rushika families for their kind hospitality and thank you for having us to be apart of the wedding celebration. It was fun filming yours. :)

Best wishes,
Doodle Studio team

Sahil + Rushika Indian Wedding | Dusit Thani and Sheraton Resort, Hua Hin from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

A first in Saadiyat Island.

It is such an honor to be apart of the lovely Dubai couple, Ravi and Deepa’s wedding and it is the first wedding in St. Regis and Saadiyat Island itself too! The island has a nice beach front and blue sea panoramic that has us soaked in its paradise at all times. And it is no wonder our groom, Ravi has opted to have their destination wedding here.

One of the coolest theme for this wedding is none other than the Sundowner pool party. We have shot many pool parties before but this is uber-awesome! Everyone partied from four in the evening till eight. What caught our eyes was the scene where the guests rain-danced under city color lightings set.

Congratulations to Ravi and Deepa and best wishes to the Ramchandani and Sharma families from the Doodle Studio Team.

Presenting a “Love Stung” from our beautiful couple… Enjoy!

For more info or enquiries, do email us at emmaline@doodlestudio.my


An uber-emotional and fun indian wedding to start off with the year 2013 for the Doodles!! Our gorgeous couple, Varun and Vandana get hitched in Goa, India and had an awesome-ly fun destination wedding celebration that spanned over 4 days in Alila Diwa Goa with their families and friends.

Here’s to the beautiful’n'perfect couple, great wedding venue, hospitable host, and an awesome wedding! We are utterly happy for the newly-weds and wish them both a lifetime of happiness together! Thank you guys for having Doodle Studio team to be part of your wedding celebration and thanks for the kind and friendly hospitality towards the team and Congratulations again to you both, and Lakhwani-Asija family.

Here’s to the beautiful’n'perfect couple, great wedding venue, hospitable host, and an awesome wedding!

With Love,
Doodle Studio Team

VARUN + VANDANA | SINDHI WEDDING | ALILA DIWA GOA “PERFECT DAY” from Doodle Studio Wed-deography on Vimeo.

Celebrating our sweet couple from United Kingdom — Pavitra & Sunil — with their intimate Gujarati Wedding at one of the luxury resorts in India — Madhuban Resort & Spa at Anand, Gujarat. Our team had an amazing time filming the wonderful couple… absolute pleasure to be apart of the wedding.

Here’s to the newly-wed “Hip-hip, hurray!!”

Best regards from Doodle Studio & Team.

For more info or enquiries, do email us at emmaline@doodlestudio.my