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Mumbai Gujarati Wedding | Jai + Ashley: A lifetime of daily surprises…

May 25, 2010 Gujarati Wedding, india

Jai and ashley (our gujarati couple from UK) has the most unique fairy tale love story. When i first read their story over the email, i was shocked that my eyes nearly popped out! I was reading in disbelief coz it was the most romantic love story i’ve ever read, and in my heart i thought to myself that this couple must be some handsome prince and gorgeous princess to have such fairy-tale love story. True enough, when we first met them in mumbai, jai appeared to be the gorgeous, petite, sweet and kind-hearted gal; whilst ashley appeared to be the tall, handsome, gentleman and down-to-earth guy!! Lol… This couple are so deeply and madly in love with each other that they are inseparable, so lovingly-attached to one another; enjoy every minute and second of each other’s company.

When we asked why they would like to have their private gujarati wedding in mumbai, and their answer was that wedding is something very personal and that they wish to keep that private moments to themselves; and have everyone to celebrate their wedding on their reception later back in UK. And prior to having their traditional indian wedding ceremony in mumbai, jai and ashley had their marriage registration done in Las Vegas!!! This couple has their lives full of surprises everyday and he/she will never know where or when he/she will fly her/him to some surprise destinations.

This was our best mumbai trip ever, all thanks to candice and jarret from marrymeweddings — a wonderful couple, our future client, and the best wedding planner in mumbai, for arranging everything for us from being our supplier to becoming our friends in just that short few days duration!! To top it up, jai and ashley has also become more of friends than our client. It was simply marvellous, all 6 of us, 3 gals & 3 guys, and all 3 couples – 1 married and 2 soon-to-be-wed couples!!

Thanks jai and ashley for being so accommodative and friendly to us, we look forward to seeing you in UK. =)

JAI + ASHLEY | MUMBAI WEDDING HIGHLIGHT from Doodle Studio on Vimeo.

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