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Sydney Sri-Lankan Wedding, A Perfect Spring Wedding


Tonight, let us take you to the other side of the world -- Sydney, Australia 

After having presented the Tanzania (Africa) wedding about two weeks back.

It was the first day of Spring in Sydney

with a lovely sunny weather to start off the big day

for our beautiful sweet bride,Amesha

who grew up in Sydney

and the ever polite Mr. nice groom, Darshana 

who lives in Los Angeles


The wedding couple was blessed by many wonderful relatives and friends who traveled from near and far

to be apart of their wedding celebration

Though it was a one day wedding

it was a tons of fun-filled endless celebration

Their wedding reception took place at Taronga Centre

one of the perfect reception venues in Sydney

with a breath taking Sydney Harbour backdrop and views

that makes the entire experience an unforgettable ones


To make the evening more meaningful and memorable

their bridesmaids and best men

shared some funny and sentimental moments 

that they had with the couple

and had the laughters and tears filled the room


Tonight, we will just get highand soak into the fun and loveof this perfectly planned Sri Lankan weddingfor the newly-wed couple, Amesha and Darshana