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A Little about Doodle Studio

We’ve been telling stories together for over 11 years since 2008 when we founded Doodle Studio, and it’s pretty much the only real job we’ve ever had. We had no idea where it would take us. 

For us, it’s about human connection. It’s about telling a story. It doesn’t have to be perfect – the best stories often aren’t – it just has to be real. To us, these aren’t just wedding films. They’re so much more. When you watch your film, we want to evoke a real, tangible feeling. It’s about capturing a vibe – how you felt on your wedding day. Something that brings joy not only weeks after the wedding, but decades too.


The biggest reward for us is the people we’ve met along the way. The bonds we’ve made, the stories we’ve told, the places we’ve been – it’s changed who we are. We get invited to the best parties in the world, and that’s why we’re always seeking the next adventure with our cameras.

Fuelled by our passion for our craft and the people we’ve met along the way, we travel the world shooting people in love. That’s a bit about our story. We’d love to tell yours.