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Muslim Wedding Cinematic Highlight, Houston Texas



" Your Love is the Greatest " 

After all the email conversations with our lovely couple - Hunain and Anisha for over nine months, finally their big day has arrived. We finally met them for the first time; get to know more about them and their love journey as we go along. It is always a challenge to work with new couple on every assignment especially when we do not get to meet them prior before. With their warmth hospitality and accommodativeness, we hardly feel the pressure and it is fairly easy to get the shots done. 


Hunain and Anisha first met eyes in their sixteen. And nine years after today, they are finally tying the knot and bringing their relationship into a greater height. They both make a perfect match and an inspiring couple to the rest; for they are as immensely crazily in love with each other (as if they are in their first year of dating) even after nine long years of dating. They would never run out of passion for one another and still keep up with the surprises.