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The Welding Story, Grand Hyatt Goa


The Coolest Bridal Party Ever. 

When we come across weddings where the grooms and brides are from UK, their bridal parties are usually cool, witty and very much entertaining. But with Nikhil and Shilpa's bridal party, they went from ordinary to extraordinary; and they just bring it to the next level. It was 2am when we interviewed the bridal party (we're totally flat-out at that point) and their speeches were amazingly funny that had us wide awake! It was hard not to choke and laugh at their jokes on S+N and by the time we wrapped up the interview, it was already 3am! Yeap, to the "Jetsetter" bridal party, you guys rock! 


As amazing as the bridal party, our beautiful couple Shilpa and Nikhil is incredibly awesome. We have never seen a groom as busy as Nikhil (making decisions every now and then) and yet able to enjoy every moments altogether without feeling stress! On the other hand, you would always see our beautiful Shilpa in her best smile; her smiles are incredibly warm and comforting; and she's always nice to everyone. Oh, she's a hug-gie too! I'd still remember vividly how she half-hopped straight to us, just to thank and hug us after watching the SDE video at the reception.