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{ Dheepan & Laavanya } Sri-Lankan Wedding in Sydney, Australia

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We have heard many speeches by the brides in the past, and hardly any sticks in our minds but Laavanya's. Not frequent to come by brides who crack out reality jokes like she does. Her outgoing and honest personalities just seem to be the exact opposite of Dheepan, who is introvert and quiet. And amazingly that does not stop the sparks in them. It warms our hearts when she says " I can't wait to get fat and old with you, watching tv shows, eating takeaway, and not saying a word to each other, that's how we roll, baby.. " That is just so sweet and true.

Thank you for having the Doodles to film your wedding and we are glad to be a part of your wedding celebration. Together we wish Laavanya and Dheepan a lifetime of blissful marriage!

xoxo, Doodle Studio team

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