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{ Ravi & Neha } Indian Engagement | The Armani Hotel Dubai, United Arab of Emirates

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It is always sweet to listen to couples unfold their love stories. Having heard and unfolded many great and awesome stories in the past, our hearts just skipped a bit as we listened to theirs - Ravi and Neha. There are just three words to describe theirs - "beyond the world" romance! One that truly will have you start believing in true love once more, start believing that nothing is never impossible in the dictionary of love, and the one that makes you start thinking that "the one" may just be someone out there near you.

Our beautiful couple celebrated their engagement with beloved friends and families at the luxe hotel, Armani Hotel Dubai. It was a beautiful enchanted evening for Ravi and Neha as just right after Ravi made his entrance, it started to rain. And as Neha gracefully and beautifully walked down the aisle ignoring the rain-drops, the crowds spontaneously cheered and welcomed her with their thunderous claps! As magical as it is, the rain stopped the moment Neha reached the stage. It was as though the God was sending His blessing to the couple. And everything just felt spellbounded thereafter; with the spectacular Dubai fountain dancing in the air on the Burj Khalifa Lake every half-an-hour, the great singing performance by the famous Hari Sukhmani band, and the engagement cake drop-down from the air in the middle of the stage. In conclusion, the whole experience was just magically enchanted!

Thank you to our lovely couple, Ravi and Neha for having us to be a part of your big day. It was an amazing experience and thank you for all the arrangements. It was fun shooting with Mili Ghosh team (Sid Ghosh and Aziz) and working along with Rimjhim again. Thank you guys and it's a honor to work with you all.

With Love from the Doodle Studio team

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