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{ Sherina & Jay } "One day, we're gonna get married… one day" | Sindhi Wedding | D

A confident groom. A gorgeous bride. A mysteriously charming destination. The perfect wedding.

After having filmed so many beautiful couples' weddings in the past five years, and having listened to them unfold and share their love stories, we have never came across a groom who was so confident to say that he was going to marry that girl when he first laid eyes on her. Well, Jay is the first one. He knew Sherina was going to be the one for him when he first laid eyes on her. He was courageously confident to say this to Sherina "one day, we're gonna get married… one day" in their introduction conversation. And what do you know; Sherina thought he was way too arrogant and did not have a lasting first impression on him; but it was fate that brought them there that very night but little did she knew that the love cupid has had a love arrow on both of them. It feels as though we are reading a fairy tale story as they share their story to us. I still find it a little bizarre that what Jay said has became true. And they got hitched in the most mystical kingdom on earth, Morocco at the luxurious Taj Palace Marrakech which has a vivid blend of Moroccan and exotic Indian architecture themes.

It was a wonderful three days celebration of Sherina and Jay's destination wedding at Taj Palace Marrakech; a wedding full of love, fun and emotion despite the summer heat. It was a great experience for the London based couple and their guests who flew in from London, Spain, Morocco and Malaysia to attend their wedding. They have arranged a white camel for the groom and the local Moroccan band at the Baraat procession; the entrance of the bride and groom at Sangeet night in Moroccan style, and had the Moroccan henna artist who uses syringe to apply henna art on the bride and all ladies. Absolute an eye opening to see the henna artist drew effortlessly with the syringe to create beautiful and fine henna design for the bride, Sherina. Enjoy our latest highlight collection, presenting Sherina and Jay in Celebrating Love at Marrakech.

Photographer: John Alexander Wedding Hotel: Taj Palace Marrakech, Morocco Bride's Wedding Dress: Manish Malhotra

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