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{ Kasim & Diyanah } From London to Kuala Lumpur | Walima Reception & Bersanding Reception

"Congratulations! Your little girl is getting married…" is a phrase most greeted to mothers of all brides. Just as everyone in the family is busy planning and prepping for the wedding from the day the bride announces the wedding date; the mother of the bride would play her role as a listener, complimenter, a source of support for her daughter and at the same time gradually adjust her emotion on letting go of her daughter. Letting go is never easy, let alone to be parted miles away. Yet Diyanah's mother is letting it go gracefully and all she ever wish for is Deee (Diyanah) to be happy.

Diyanah and Kasim is like soul mate to one another. Seeing them is like seeing a ten-year-old couple; whereby they understand each other without the need to voice it out. And you could tell they are immensely in love by the way they look at each other. Diyanah is no doubt the apple of his eyes. We are blessed to be a part of both walima and bersanding reception celebrations in London and Kuala Lumpur. Together let us embrace love like our beautiful humble couple Kassideee (short for Kas and Dee) who never stop showering loves and cares to families and friends; as noticed in the video, their friends travelled from far and near to celebrate life with them. Let us rejoice and relive their wedding moments on this beautiful midweek Tuesday!

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