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Celebrating Niraj + Deepti | A Fairy-Tale Wedding in Yogyakarta

August 3, 2015

Love is a beautiful and magical thing. Some may find soul mate through opposite attraction, while others may find the perfect one through similar interests. And the latter is how love found its way through to our lovely couple, Niraj and Deepti. They both share the same passion which is rare to come by amongst all brides and grooms out there -- that is both of them are food lovers!

Apart from their love for food, they love to celebrate life and love too! Deepti and Niraj are uber humber and kind hearted. They tend to put others before themselves; ensuring that everyone of their guests are having a good time and are well taken care of from time to time.


Having a picturesque view of Candi Prambanan as their wedding backdrop awe stunned the guests. It is as if something far beyond impossible. But with the help of the expert team, Innaz Communique, everything is possible. We are honored to be given this opportunity to be a part of their wedding here in Yogyakarta Indonesia and we wish Deepti and Niraj a lifetime of happiness together and a blissful blessed marriage.


Without further ado, presenting to you Niraj + Deepti Wedding Highlight video below. Happy watching and happy sharing!!! heart emoticon


Niraj Weds Deepti Wedding Dream Team:-

Cinematography & Photography Team: Doodle Studio (Kuala Lumpur)
Wedding Planner Team: Innaz Communique (Jakarta)
Emcee: Sharul Channa (Singapore)




Deepti & Niraj Wedding Trailer



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