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{ EKTA & ROHITH | A Beautiful Hindu Wedding at Turnberry Isle Miami " We are Beautiful &quo

They say we meet the people we're supposed to when the time is just right; and we absolutely could not agree more. And this was what fate has in plan for our two beautiful bride and groom, Ekta and Rohith. They both live in the caribbean and yet they never met each other all along. Little did they know that they would meet and find each other when they made a trip to Hong Kong!

Having listened to their magical love story, and having worked with them during wedding festivities, they do not look like a newly-wed couple to us. In fact, in our eyes, they are more like the loving couple who have been married for ten years; they know each other's behaviors and habits so well that they often keep annoying and teasing each other (not the offensive type but with tender-loving heart), they could read each other's mind without having to say it out, just the perfect soul mate for the beautiful duo.

It was yet another great experience working with Ekta, Rohith and both the Thani and Baharani families over the 3 days wedding festivities at the beautiful golf resort, Turnberry Isle Miami. Thank you to all the Thanis and Baharanis for the kind and generous hospitality, and for being cooperative and understanding all through out. You and all your beautiful guests made this wedding special.

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