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A Royal Affair: Sona and Shreyans' Stunning Bangkok Wedding | Anantara | Avani+ Bangkok

An Indian wedding is a grand celebration that typically lasts for several days, and the wedding of Shreyans and Sona was no exception. The couple had guests flying in from all around the world, and on day one of the wedding festivities, they were welcomed with the energetic beats of the dhol, a traditional Indian drum. The guests were swept up in the festive atmosphere, and soon everyone was dancing and having a great time.Later in the evening, the couple hosted individual welcome dinners for their guests, with one taking place at the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort and the other at the Montien Riverside Hotel. The venues were decorated beautifully, with colorful flowers and lights adding to the celebratory mood. The guests enjoyed delicious food and drinks, and the atmosphere was filled with warmth and joy.As the night progressed, the couple's family and friends took the stage to perform dance routines that they had prepared for the occasion. It was a wonderful way to bring everyone together and showcase the talents of the people closest to the couple.On the day of the wedding, Shreyans and Sona exchanged vows at Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel, with a stunning rooftop view of the Chao Phraya River as the backdrop for their ceremony. The groom's family and friends arrived in a joyous baraat procession, dancing to the beat of the dhol as they made their way to the hotel lobby.The wedding ceremony was a beautiful blend of traditional Indian customs and modern elegance. The couple looked stunning in their traditional wedding attire, with Sona in a gorgeous lavender lehenga and Shreyans in a handsome sherwani. The ceremony was conducted by a pandit, with the couple taking their seven vows in front of their loved ones.The grand reception at Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel was the highlight of Shreyans and Sona's wedding celebration. The evening began with the couple's grand entrance, which set the tone for the rest of the night. The couple cut their wedding cake, which was followed by 20 groups of family friends' dance performances that showcased their love and support for the couple.The night ended with all the guests joining the dance floor and celebrating the newlyweds' union. was a night to remember, and Shreyans and Sona felt overwhelmed by the love and support they received from their family and friends.


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