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Love, Culture, and Friendship Unite: David and Shahreen's Spectacular Indian Wedding in Kuala Lumpur

David and Shahreen's Indian wedding in Kuala Lumpur was a true celebration of love, culture, and friendship. The couple, who work in UAE, had all their friends fly into Kuala Lumpur to be a part of their big day. The festivities began with the Haldi ceremony, where close family and friends gathered to celebrate. The Dhol player started the festivities, and soon enough, everyone was dancing and having fun. The Haldi ceremony followed, where the couple was covered with turmeric paste and other auspicious items. Later that evening, a welcome dinner was held at David's house, complete with free-flowing liquor and delicious satay. The Jago ceremony followed, where the ladies danced and everyone had a great time. The wedding day took place at the Boat House Ampang, where the Baraat arrived at the venue amidst dancing and celebration. The bride's family greeted them and exchanged garlands with David. Shahreen's entrance was graceful, accompanied by her brother and cousin. The couple exchanged vows, which was a beautiful and emotional moment. After the wedding ceremony, family and friends performed on stage, which truly rocked the dance floor. The next day, a church wedding took place at the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier's, where the couple exchanged rings. The reception was held at the Majestic Hotel, where speeches were given and the couple shared their first dance. The dance floor was then opened, and everyone had a great time celebrating the couple's union. David and Shahreen's Indian wedding in Kuala Lumpur was a beautiful celebration of love, friendship, and culture. The couple's friends from all over the world came together to celebrate their union, and it was a truly memorable occasion for all involved.


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