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The Journey of a Wed-deographer


With God's grace, here we are marking a seven and a half year mile stone since establishment as we march into the third quarter of twenty fifteen. Our journey so far has been bitter sweet yet full of magical experiences. Every day and every wedding is like a box of chocolate as we never know what would the next destination or wedding be like. Insyallah, thank you God for blessing us with all the amazing experiences in life. 


Recalling our memories for the past years, we have been blessed with genuinely kind and thoughtful wedding couples, nice families to work with, exotic wedding destinations, surreal travel experiences, awesome and nice wedding vendors, and the awesome team members who believe in us and stick with us through thick and thin. 


Many a times, when we meet the wedding couples and wedding suppliers, they are often shock to learn that we are not Indians and would ask " How do you get into indian weddings and yet you are Chinese? " With great honor, we're deeply grateful for the opportunities and talents gifted. To be truthful, never have we thought we would specialize in indian weddings, let alone to be world-class awards-winning destination wed-deographers. We still think this is magical. When my husband and I quit our jobs to be wed-deographers, we never thought it would lead us to a much thrilling journey in life... The journey that changes the way we see things in life; the journey that allows us to experience the cultures and lifestyle from all around the world; the journey that grants us opportunity to meet with people from all walks of life; the journey that allows us to unfold wedding stories and craft beautiful wedding memories; the journey that thought us that life can be as simple and beautiful as can be when we have all the positive vibes and energy surrounding us; and the journey that thought us to live life to the fullest.