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" The Perfect Match " Wedding in Tanzania, Africa



Though it was our first time shooting in Dar, we never felt like strangers there. The local Tanzanian people are generally warm and nice. And we felt the hospitable and generosity from the family all throughout the shoots. They would always come up to us and ask us to have lunch or dinner; to ensure we are well fed. Even our couple Sachi and Vishal would ensure that everything is fine at our end, and if it wasn't, they would go the extra miles to ensure we all had a comfortable and stress-free stay. It was truly stress-free and a enjoyable wedding altogether. Though it was different from the weddings that we normally shoot, it was one of our favorites. Vishal and Sachi are both mature, nice, kind-hearted and genuine people; and they are the perfect match for one another. One can see them constantly focusing on each other, ensuring that everything is going to be alright; the look fills with comfort, love, passion, and care to affirm one's comfort level without having to say a word. Above all, it was a much enjoyable Africa wedding! Would love to be back again for more Africa weddings!